Avg updating slow

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Click the check box next to the “Microsoft Outlook Add-in” option to remove the check mark from it. AVG begins protecting your computer from viruses, without scanning all incoming Outlook email and attachments automatically. Click “File” on the Outlook ribbon bar, then click “Options” to open a new window.

Click the “Add-ins” link in the list on the left side of this window.

When Windows launches, it starts AVG along with other programs and services that the operating system needs to run.

AVG helps protect your computer from viruses, worms and other malware threats by examining every application that runs.

While this adds an extra layer of security, it also causes sluggish performance on slower PCs or ones with many active applications.

To improve Outlook's performance, you can disable the AVG plugin so that it does not cause delays in downloading messages. Locate the “Microsoft Outlook Add-in” option in the Component Selection area. Follow the remaining prompts to finish the AVG installation, then restart the computer when prompted.

AVG Anti-Virus provides protection from most known viruses and malware.

One way it helps to protect a system is by scanning all emails and attachments in Outlook before allowing you to view or open them.

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