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‘Setting the Stage: Pyongyang, North Korea, Part 2’ is currently on view at Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam, and includes photographs, film, and several 360-degree videos from Hartmann’s trip, to create an immersive experience for the viewer. Pictured: Table talk 11 December Daniel Blaufuks photography exhibition ‘Attempting Exhaustion’ opened last weekend at the Jean-Kenta Gauthier gallery in Paris.The show explores themes of time and memory in a series of images that study the artist’s kitchen table from 2009 through to 2016. Seventies’ – a collection of never-before-seen Hugh Holland prints currently on view at M B Photo – depict California’s skateboard revolution of the 70s, which ‘spread like wildfire all over Southern California.’ The collection captures the poise and strength of boarders carving up in the drainage and ditches along the Laurel Canyon Boulevard.Asked to consider a work or artist that had influenced their own practice, Olivia Arthur references the ‘Children of Europe’ project shot by Magnum founder David Seymour in the years after the Second World War.Meanwhile, Thomas Dworzak and journalist Julius Strauss retrace the steps of Robert Capa through Russia, Ukraine, and Georgia in Highlights include the work of Moises Saman and Marco Bischof, who follow the footsteps of Werner Bischof as he documented life in the Peruvian mountains, where he also tragically died in a road accident in 1954. Pictured: takes a progressive stance in supporting up and coming talent, and pools together traditional photography in parallel to contemporary formats and new media, showcasing installations videos and digital arts. Pictured: Drawing board 1 December Iranian-American artist Raha Raissnia grew up in Tehran during the 1978-79 revolution, and she often accompanied her father, an amateur photographer, on trips to the city center to document mass protests against the shah.The show also includes his other large format documentary photography. Pictured: Fresh eyes 15 December Opening today, Photostart showcases emerging talent from the Australian Centre for Photography.The exhibition is collated from a wide range of student work, including portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.The display features his documentation of Robert F Kennedy’s presidential campaign, the civil rights movement, and Andy Warhol’s Factory days, among other important milestones of the 1960s and 1970s. Pictured, Secret city 12 December Eddo Hartmann has traveled to North Korea four times since 2014 to gain intimate access to the closed city of Pyongyang.He takes people’s portraits in contrast to the city’s sleek architecture and enlarged monuments, in order to capture the individual experience amid Pyongyang's highly crafted, political persona.

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The resulting collection of images has been published in a new book, , by Reel Art Press.The latter explores Canada’s most ethical diamond mine – Reeve is the first artist who has gained access.Both series possess rich and exceptional detail, while remaining geographically ambiguous.Pictured: Liberated visions 19 December Photographer Eliza Hatch creates a visual representation of sexual harassment by taking portraits of women in the environments in which they have been threatened.Her exhibition, ‘Cheer Up Luv (London to NYC)’, poignantly demonstrates victimised people reclaiming their power, and is now on view at the ICP Museum in New York as part of its ‘Projected’ series.

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