Dating with adrianne

With the help of Elliot Randolph an Arcadian roting in jail shields try to rescue Simmons from the alien planet.

Dr Randoph's assistance leads them to some stone ruins in England, which turns out to be an ancient control system for this thing.

But still unable to control the thing, Daisy uses her power to stabilize the monolith leading to destroying of the stone.

This episode takes cue from previous episodes to find a way to solve the mystery of monolith.By the time she was 13, she was on track to become a child pop star—but ultimately it’s not what Lenker wanted. Sure Lolly was curious about what it would be like to have a pretty little tattoo on her tits, but she is not quite brave enough to go under the needles.This episode has to be the one of the best of agents of shield series.The way in which they unravel the mystery of monolith and Fitz's belief in Simmons being alive is really amazing.

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