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Finally, representing himself, he would face his fellow Orange County citizens alone.He would paint a picture of his almost total ruin and beg them not to make it complete.Adding: 'But I would love to be his wife, I think that'd be the greatest gift, to be his wife'.Despite another bust up after Sydney's graduation Tamra assumed she would reconcile with her teenage daughter.'I still miss Sydney…but I know that she's going to be back one day and everything is going to be perfect,' she declared.At the end of the season 12 finale it was revealed that Kelly filed for divorce from Michael.An update also revealed that Meghan convinced her husband Jim to have another baby, for which she underwent IVF in the hope of conceiving a boy.

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Had he conspired with his wife to plant drugs in Peters’ car? ” “It was my wife.” That was in keeping with his failed defense during his criminal trials, in which he had cast her as the culprit.

“Very stupidly and very unfortunately, yes,” Easter replied. “Which one of you, you or your wife, actually planted the drugs in Mrs. She had not testified at those trials, and no one knew what she might say.

When Easter put on his case now and called her to the stand — with a sign-language interpreter on hand for her claimed hearing loss — he did not seem angry at the woman he claimed had ruined him.

When Marcereau chatted with him during court breaks, he found him oddly affable — low-key, disarmingly polite, with a sense of humor — and had to remind himself he was the enemy.

“Kent Easter and his wife, Jill Easter, plotted and planned and schemed to destroy the life of Kelli Peters for a full year,” Marcereau told jurors in his opening remarks.

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