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I am here to help you forge a paypig reality that will enhance your orgasms and desires.Perhaps you found Financial Domination before you found Me, attracted by the Beautiful Confident Women that wanted something of you.This mutes any potential motivation to discontinue paying Me.Our brains are organized in complex neurological pathways.Extreme paypig is going well so far with that, since last blog entry he has spent 04 ! He told Me last time that was the last time, but we know the truth.My devoted butler spoiled and served Me well this month, spending 8 dollars on long phone calls and ptvs and another 9 on his santa slave duties on Niteflirt! My exposure sissy and I had lots of fun with exposure games, and this sissy spent 5 on this 🙂 My elegant foot lover was very kind and fun this month, to the tune of 0. PIG gets an alert too, for spending 3 this month, a little low for him. He’ll be back Formerly known as money bunny, but now rebranded as “titcunt” this slut spent 5 losing all the slut cash on Lauren!

This slave spent 0 in just a very short period of time! What happens is, you call Me, we speak a while, I get into your head.

paycub was back again, and was happy, because I missed My little balless wonder of fluff! He spent 6 Next comes the slave formerly known as leg addict that I am renaming as “extreme paypig” The reason I am renaming him is that I am manifesting his destiny, creating My fantasy.

I want him to be an extreme paypig and we will begin with the name! Fucked up dude, Guitar Loser came back twice more for a total of 8.

When you stroke your cock and pay, that narrow pathway carves itself more and more deeply into your brain. I take those feelings and CHANNEL them back into your addiction. Some of you reading this are not addicted, you are curious. (and I am planning more frequent posts, so keep that in mind.) Today’s will be the last one to qualify with only 0.

I take pleasure and psychology and turn it into a REAL physical response that perpetuates itself. And like most addictions, your tolerance increases. You would think that would be enough to scare men off. But many of you plunge neck deep in with Me, wanting that danger. So here is the lastest LONG spending report 🙂 And it’s been three weeks, with all the holiday stuff, it’s hard to find time!

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