Live cam swap

Dyno Day Once we had baselined the LS1 with the stock heads, intake, cam, and 131/44-inch headers, dyno guy Ed Taylor cooled the engine and swapped cams.In addition to the new GM Performance Parts cam (the specs are in the “Lobe Prospecting” sidebar), the Hot cam also comes with a set of LS6 valvesprings to ensure proper valve control at the cam’s higher engine speed.

The Gen III engines employ a plastic roller-lifter retainer that captures the lifters so you don’t have to remove the intake.

Just pull the rockers off to unload the lifters, spin the engine around two revolutions, and you’re ready to go.

We loaded up our GM Performance Parts LS1, which came from our friends at Scoggin-Dickey Performance Center in Lubbock, Texas, and we began beating on it right away.

You’ll note that the Hot cam’s lift is not all that much bigger than the stock LS1 cam.

In fact, the lift increase is only slightly more than 0.025 inch. The Hot cam adds a solid 20 degrees of duration while narrowing the lobe separation angle from 119 to 112 degrees.

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