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Those who have doubts about progress say people are inured to risk, addicted to convenience and will not be offered alternatives to online interaction. By Lee Rainie and Janna Anderson Trust is a social, economic and political binding agent.A vast research literature on trust and “social capital” documents the connections between trust and personal happiness, trust and other measures of well-being, trust and collective problem solving, trust and economic development and trust and social cohesion.So with that stated, lets explore some motivational words from Rocky.The quote you just read above is my favorite quote from a movie because Rocky truly tells it how it is.

For starters, the internet was not designed with security protections or trust problems in mind.As Vinton Cerf, one of the creators of internet protocols, put it: “We didn’t focus on how you could wreck this system intentionally.” (Cerf is a respondent to the question addressed in this report; his worried quote is featured here.) Moreover, the rise of the internet and social media has enabled entirely new kinds of relationships and communities in which trust must be negotiated with others whom users do not see, with faraway enterprises, under circumstances that are not wholly familiar, in a world exploding with information of uncertain provenance used by actors employing ever-proliferating strategies to capture users’ attention.In addition, the internet serves as a conduit for the public’s privacy to be compromised through surveillance and cyberattacks and additional techniques for them to fall victim to scams and bad actors. What role might the spread of blockchain systems play?Sure your mind may be telling you to quit and stop because enough is enough, but you have to overcome that voice in your head and continue. Once you can ignore that voice inside your head that tells you to quit, you can achieve anything you want in this world.So the next time your mind is telling you to stop, keep going.

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